Inspirational jewelry has been helping people for years. Meditation beads are not only beautiful but they can help you find peace and calm. Meditation beads have long been used for prayer and are also useful for enhancing your yoga experience. There are many designs and styles available so you can be sure to find some that are both functional and inspirational.

Meditation Beads for Yoga

Meditation beads can regularly be incorporated into your yoga routine. They are a great way to add slightly more structure to your meditation practices. They can be used in prayer and to calm your spirit. Traditionally, they have been used to repeat mantras. Each time you say the mantra you touch one bead. Continue touching and reciting mantras until you read the end of the chain or circle.

You can wear mantra beads during your yoga or meditation practice to enhance the effects of your mantra. They are the perfect addition to your routine because they help you focus on your mantra. Find a mantra that suits your needs. Keep your mantra short and easy to say. Some of the mantras that we put on our jewelry include make it  happen and achieve believe, among others.

Using Mantra Beads

 In addition to using them as part of your meditation or yoga routine you can also utilize meditation beads at any time in order to instill peace and calm to your day. If you are having a particularly frustrating or stressful day you can take just a few minutes away to use your meditation jewelry.

Find a quiet spot or create a peaceful area, even just for a few minutes. Practice some of your yoga and meditation relaxation breathing exercises to start to feel calm relaxed. Next, start using your inspirational jewelry to help you recite your mantra. Slowly repeat your mantra as you touch each bead on your bracelet or necklace.

As you slowly touch each bead and repeat your mantra over and over you will soon start to feel the calmness wash over your body. Your mind will be instantly soothed as you remove yourself from the stressful situation.

One of the best things about wearing inspirational jewelry is that you can use it any time you desire. You don’t need to be an expert at meditation to feel the effects of the beads. In fact, they are designed for those who need some help focusing their thoughts and concentrating on finding peace and calm.

You will find a large selection of wearable inspiration including beaded yoga and meditation bracelets and necklaces. With practice you can activate their calming effect very quickly. You will soon become adept at being able to find your peace and quiet.

Inspirational jewelry isn’t just for those who practice meditation or yoga. They are ideal for anyone who wants to find an easy way to boost the power of their own personal mantra. Our inspirational jewelry makes the perfect gift and is also a wonderful present to give yourself.


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