What better way to boost your morale and find new inspiration for your workout than with meaningful necklaces. Meaningful necklaces provide inspirational quotes and symbols that will give you the motivation you need to complete your workout or run. There are many options to choose from so there is sure to be a design and mantra that has special meaning in your life.

Choosing Meaningful Necklaces

Our jewelry is handmade using high quality materials and workmanship. Each necklace is specifically designed to motivate women. There are a variety of different designs and choices including mantras for runners, triathletes and yoga participants. Whatever your preferred routine, there are some meaningful necklaces that are sure to give you the support you need.

Run-inspired dichroic fused glass mini pendants and necklaces are truly beautiful and fun to wear. They are handmade in the United States. These meaningful necklaces feature a runner girl figure embedded on reflective, shiny fused glass. These are truly unique and beautiful pieces. Each one is slightly unique so you will find that your necklace will be different from any other.

The charm on the necklace is about ¾ inch by 1 inch in size. You can request colors that include starry blue, twilight purple, autumn sun, magenta glow and cool lava. They have an 18 inch waxed poly cord that is comfortable enough to wear every day for your workout or around town.

Runner Girl Designs

Some of the best motivation comes from inspirational mantras. These are used on medallions or charms that hang from necklaces and bracelets. The runner girl beaded necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry. It uses a variety of high quality beads on a stretch magic silkies  necklace cord. In the middle is a runner girl charm with a motivational quote.

There are many different choices to pick from and the options vary from time to time. The beads are made of a combination of Czech fire-polished glass and frosted recycled glass beads. Each are unique and together create a unique design.

Necklaces are completely weatherproof so you can wear them in any conditions with confidence. You will also note that all of the charms are lead-free and nickel-free so they will not degrade over time or use. All of the materials used in making the jewelry are allergen-free so you can be assured that they will not hurt your skin.

We offer a large selection of beautiful and unique jewelry. If you prefer a specific item or don’t see exactly what you are looking for, contact us. We may be able to accommodate your request by creating a specially designed necklace, bracelet or earrings. We can even etch a particular mantra into a medallion if you wish.

We want your jewelry to help inspire you to reach your goals and to reach beyond your comfort zone. You can achieve whatever goals you set. We offer a wide selection of pieces that are specifically for your motivation. Use these wonderful creations to give you inspiration as you travel the path you choose.



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