Whether you are a devoted runner, triathlete or participate in yoga, you know that you could use some encouragement and supportive words to keep you going. One of the best ways to find the encouragement you need is with inspirational necklaces and other jewelry. Inspirational necklaces are designed specifically for those who participate in these types of activities and offer you a way to find motivation.

Motivate Yourself with Inspirational Necklaces

You know that you have the courage, drive and ambition to make anything happen. Yet sometimes you may need some encouraging words to support your actions. Inspirational necklaces are the ideal way to express your heartfelt thoughts to others and at the same time provide yourself with compassionate support.

This jewelry is specially designed by a runner for other runners and athletes. There are a number of different designs that you can choose from when you want to wear inspirational necklaces.

Some of the inspiring mantras that are etched into the charms have sayings that include believe and achieve, suck it up buttercup, in it for the long run, sole sister, if it is to be it is up to me and runner girl.

The necklaces are designed with style and comfort in mind. They can be worn while running and just as easily while out and about. The charms are made of surgical grade stainless steel so they won’t tarnish or discolor over time. Adjustable black waxed poly cords are durable and will hold up to use over time. The high quality, hypoallergenic materials won’t irritate your skin, even during exercise.

Choose Motivational Jewelry

 Motivational jewelry makes the ideal gift for the runner in your life or as a gift to yourself. You want to stay inspired on your mission to achieve success. When you wear an inspirational saying you can easily stay on track. Simply take a second to look at the necklace and read the inspiring quote that is contained within the medallion. You will instantly gain the boost you need to keep going.

There are many different styles and options to choose from. Each is handmade with a design that is meant to motivate. Because the jewelry is made by a runner you will find that it is extremely comfortable and easy to wear during exercise. It will certainly help to keep you going, especially during the tough moments.

In addition to the corded necklaces, you will also find a variety of beaded necklaces and other jewelry. The “Embrace Your Pace” turtle beaded necklace is beautifully crafted using a variety of special beads.  Czech fire-polished glass beads are hand-made by local artisans. The frosted beads are made of recycled glass and look like beautiful sea glass in hues of blues, greens and other pastels.

The charm is a turtle that reminds you to embrace your pace. All charms are nickel and lead-free. Necklaces measure 16.5 inches in length to make them sit just slightly above the collarbone. There are many other choices to choose from for yourself or for a gift.

Wearable Inspiration
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