When you are participating in a difficult sport such as running or taking part in any type of fitness routine, motivation is always necessary. While you can’t always have someone next to you telling you to keep going, you can get the motivation you need from inspirational custom made jewelry. Inspirational necklaces, bracelets and earrings are the perfect way to support your fitness routine and provide you with the extra boost you need during your workout.

Inspirational Jewelry

Our inspirational jewelry is designed by a runner for runners, triathletes and yoga participants who want to give themselves a mantra to push them towards success. Regardless of your area of passion, we have jewelry that is meant to inspire you during participation.

You can dare to achieve something that you never dreamed possible. Sometimes you just need a little push to keep you on track. That’s what you can get when you wear this custom made jewelry. Each piece is handmade in designs that are meant to help runners as well as triathletes and yoga participants.

We offer many different custom made jewelry designs so you are sure to find a style that will help give you the motivation you want. Not only is the jewelry inspirational for your fitness routine but it is also beautiful for wear at any time. Choose from necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are designed for runners, triathletes and those who take part in yoga.

Custom Made Jewelry

We offer our inspirational jewelry in three separate categories. Our run inspired designs featue a running girl with an inspirational mantra. Some of the mantras include believe achieve, if it is to be, it’s up to me, in it for the long run, make it happen and others.

Our mantras are etched into the nickel-free charms or you can request your own mantra. Each piece uses a combination of high quality materials and is made in the United States. Some of the pieces utilize beads. The beads include a variety of Czech fire-polished handmade glass beads as well as a selection of frosted recycled glass beads. Our recycled glass beads have a beautiful frosted appearance and look like sea glass.

Our tri-inspired jewelry features a charm with a depiction of a swimmer, bicyclist and runner. Our yoga-inspired jewelry includes a selection of charms such as a lotus, Om symbol, lotus with Buddha, tree of life and hamsa.

Each of our designs is made with comfort, style and motivation in mind. Jewelry is water resistant so you can wear it safely during a strenuous workout. The materials are all hypo-allergenic so they won’t cause any type of skin irritation. The designs are made to be comfortable, even while you are running, swimming, bicycling or doing yoga. Jewelry fits easily on your neck so that you can wear it during exercise without trouble.

Inspirational jewelry makes the perfect thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one who runs or takes part in triathalons or yoga. It is also ideal as a motivational gift to you as a way to keep yourself inspired during your fitness sessions and beyond.

Wearable Inspiration
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